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Our Start:

NeverDry® Video was created by two diving instructors who love nothing more than being in the water. We started our professional training on the Island of Koh Tao in Thailand back in 2009. While there we completed our divemaster course with Koh Tao Easy Divers, who employed us after we finished the training. We worked for Easy Divers while also doing our underwater videography course with Koh Tao Pro Video. We both fell in love with videography and did our best to learn every aspect of this field so we could eventually start our own company. We decided to keep the dream alive by traveling around and finding our new home.

Our search finally brought us to Isla Colon, in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We fell in love with the sights, sounds, tranquility and diving lifestyle of this island. While there we completed our PADI Instructor training. We spent two and a half wonderful years in Bocas during which we were married and had our beautiful baby boy Callum.

Jennifer and Michael were great - Where do I begin? Patient, informative and have your safety in mind all the time, great introductory course, Michael took his time with both of us and explained everything we need to know. He took us on a really great basic dive, we managed to see a huge turtle and a few white tip...

FreshInspector, Trip Advisor User

In October of 2012 we made a move to Hawaii and opened NeverDry® Divers, making this our permanent home.This past summer we purchased Jasmine House, which is about to be the first "scuba related" bed and breakfast on the island. We hope you will come visit us here, and look forward to diving with you!

Hawaiian Green Turtle

An elusive animal, exiting to see.

Zebra Moray

An awesome eel we love

Turtle Head

A Maui favorite, green sea turtle.